The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres. Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves) [Lauren Dane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nina Reyes is a just barely reformed grifter who has left her. Trinity (Cascadia Wolves) [Lauren Dane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One witch, one cat shifter. Add one wolf. Blend. Safety glasses.

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Lots of action in and out of bed. With Lex being second in command you could tell he was just the Beta even thought they tried to portray him as the big bad wolf. Let me be clear, I read erotic romance because the sex is written very explicit and very vivid.

Constantly saying they didn’t listen to her about what she wanted, but she didn’t listen to them either. Problem is, she has to have sex with the 3rd once only and Lex and Cade don’t tell her about this until the bond if formed and she has no choice. Dane really took the time to explore cascwdia aspect of it.

Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves, #1) by Lauren Dane

laure Click on the covers to read more. The book is drawn out but the characters are entertaining. I especially enjoyed the way the tri-mate worked in this case.


The only lead Lex has is the Gabriel’s older sister and she is a crazy spinster looking woman who points a shot gun at him.

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As I read some of these earlier Cascadia novels, I really struggle with some of the plot devices Dane uses. Therefore making a situation worse than it needs be.

This book was good enough for me to want to read some of the others in the Cascadia Wolves series, and recommend that people give it a try. Nina’s term of endearment for her mate being Scooby is just one example of her “SmartAssery. Once again, Nina vows to do whatever it takes to protect him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One thing I want in books I read is a strong first kick ass heroine and boy did I get that in spades with this story.

She had me excited to read more after the first few pages.

He’s loyal and will do anything to protect his family. Their chemistry is off the charts and when they aren’t arguing it’s complete harmony.

I have this series, why have I not read it yet? Because clearly you have an issue wrting explicit sex scenes and an issue with a true menage relationship. I can not believe that this is the first time reading her.

Those books are Trinity, Revelation and Beneath the Skin. I love that Cade respected Grace and pushed her to be herself, as well as a part of him. I did get a bit frustrated because it felt like all they did was fight about everything it seemed like.


Series Review: Cascadia Wolves by Lauren Dane – Book Binge

He’s the brother of the Alpha and second in command. What more can a woman ask for? Sad to say it but I couldn’t wait for the book to end. I love Lauren Dane and so I’m shocked with how much I disliked this.

Then Dane leaves you hanging big time and you are left with the WTF feeling. Lex, for being the pack enforcer was weak. AND the people are strong, powerful, and wealthy but the wolf-thing doesn’t seem to have any affect on the story except within the power heirachy within the group. I would recommend making sure you have plenty of quiet time so there are no distractions.

When the police and arson investigator are involved there is a bit more that needs to happen than they show up whenever they feel like it to talk to law enforcement. Overall I found this to be a fast, interesting read. But, the development of the strong sisterhoods and the erotic nature of her work are both here.

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