Triptych is a thriller novel by American author Karin Slaughter. The first in her Atlanta series, the novel stars Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of. A longtime fan of her Grant County series, I was interested to see how Karin Slaughter would fare in her stand-alone effort Triptych. The story of an Atlanta serial. The first two books in the series are Triptych and Fractured. Later, Sara Linton from The Grant County Series joins the series, and also appears in Undone.

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I have read other books by this author, but somehow, I triptychh got around to the Will Trent series. I partially enjoyed it nevertheless. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

At the risk of sounding sexist against my own fairer sex, I never cease to be amazed by women authors who are willing to take things to an uncomfortable level with zero shits given. Although to me at first it was a struggle with this book it built to a fast and exciting end, with the last third of the book really good.


To ask other readers questions about Triptychplease sign up. Slaughter already, know this: This one was a definite winner for me.

The struggle at first was following the main characters through different years at the story went backward and forwards fromthen But there was some crazy shit going on. But sadly, there was something I didn’t like in the latter part of the book which sort of ruined my enjoyment from the previous chapters.


But I’m sad to report that Triptych couldn’t be considered a total success for me.

Their stories brilliantly fit together as Will investigates the recent murder of a prostitute. And Triptych is just another confirmation of this. I find her characters to be so robustso interesting.

Though the two have a hard time seeing eye to eye, they both have the same goal—stop the killer from murdering another girl. That’s just unbearable, but that’s what it was. triptycy

Will Trent is a very intriguing character. Also by Karin Slaughter: I love my crime books dirty and gritty and Karin Slaughter gave that to me so kudos to that.

He is finally given his freedom back only to be faced with slaughfer fear of someone toying with that freedom. But don’t read it if graphic violence makes you cringe. A three panel painting or photograph. Not sure if she features in future books. A very intense book, I had a constant feeling of angst the entire time. A Novel Will Trent Author s: I just could not put it down.

Triptych Karin Slaughter book reviews: Will has this sixth sense with things and decides to check into a lead that starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Don’t try to change my mind, trolls. It was my first crime thriller and my first book by Karin Slaughter. In this gritty, gripping firecracker of a novel, the author of the bestselling Spaughter County, Georgia, series breaks thrilling new ground, weaving together the threads of a complex, multilayered story with the skill of a master craftsman.


Angie is tough as nails, currently an undercover policewoman in Vice dressing as a prostitute to arrest men soliciting on the streets. I could not help but continue this book despite the tritpych intense violence and hopelessness that permeates much of this narrative. Anyway, slaugnter there I was, rereading this book and here are my thoughts. I was already half way in the book when I realized who’s chopping the tongues of those teenagers and lemme tell you, that took the thrill out of the triptcyh.

Despite this the story is extremely fascinating and I just had to find out how all the pieces would come together in the end. Detective Michael Ormewood has been assigned the latest case slughter a fella named Will Trent enters the scene offering to help.

Triptych (Will Trent, #1) by Karin Slaughter

The platform had been set. Find your local bookstore at booksellers. I will be continuing with book two soon.