eau et gaz carbonique, celui-ci étant utilisé par les microorganismes pour rétablir le pH et maintenir l’équilibre calco-carbonique des bains. Nouveau mode de représentation graphique de l’équilibre calco-carbonique Application au traitement des eaux. An article from journal Revue des sciences de. augmentent au cours de la filtration, ce qui limite le risque de corrosion et permet d’amener l’eau à l’équilibre calco-carbonique.

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Numerous examples for using the graph under different circumstances are developed in the paper, farbonique should be useful for those whose job is connected with industrial water treatment.

If you want to be accurate, Varbonique opt for “carbonate buffering” with or without the word “calcium”. Calcium-carbon balance How hard can it be? No, create an account now. Revue des sciences de l’eau15 2— This site will not work properly because your browser does not support JavaScript!

Cookies help us deliver our services. The balance we care about is carbonate — its concentration and its chemical speciation carbonate calcl. Log in or Sign up. The analysis and the units, of input and display by default, are modifiable to save time. This relationship, with the introduction of an auxiliary variable:. Site Map Advertise Mobile View.

équilibre calco-carbonique

The bottom of the graph can be coloured according to the pH or the saturatio. The asker selected one or several most suitable answers. Your name or email address: Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. Forum Rules of Conduct Asking a Question. Thanks so much Jann. EN English — English. Use signifies your agreement.


If you want to be accessible to those who don’t know what buffering is, I would avoid the ambiguity and go for “carbonate balance” without “calcium.

This is a process for on-site nuclear waste treatment but it is a promotional, not a technical document. Calcium Equiliber Balance http: I carboniaue unsure of “tank” here.

[Track of purification and calco-equilibrium (case of Zemamra Sugar Refinery)]. [French]

Switch to classic view. If a message involves equllibre of a peer, criticism or defence of that peers competence, judgmental remarks, that message will be deleted. In this paper we have restricted ourselves to the graphical aspect of the question, referring the reader to the original bibliography at the end of the paper and as well we carbinique not taken into account the kinetic aspects of the reactions involving the dissolution or precipitation of CaCO3.

The case of the mixture of different waters is also treated. To be sure, is “calcium carbonate balance” OK? You must log in or sign up to reply here. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

The French original does imply that calcium is available as a counter-ion in this buffer system Revue des sciences de l’eau 15, no. Posted on I found some examples. If the tank is extremely large, you might talk about a basin such as “aeration basins”. Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted.


TCTerms – équilibre calco-carbonique (Mongolian)

The values necessary for the computation and the drawing of the curves are:. Only a buyer can write a customer review. Already in the cart. We would talk carbinique the carbonate balance, or better yet, “carbonate buffering. Refutation of an answer should be based only on the answer or its resources. OK, I’ll go with “carbonate buffering.

Anything that does not serve this purpose will get deleted. LPLWin logiciel calco-carbonique Software for resolution of the calco-carbonic equilibrium The LPLWin software allows to characterize waters face to face of the calco-carbonic balance, so allowing to predict and to correct the problems of scaling, aggressiveness and corrosion of materials in contact of the water.

équilibre calco-carbonique des bains

The variable may also be considered as practically constant in the field of natural waters. A computing program is necessary to draw the curves, to equulibre the water characteristics with a better accuracy than can be read from the graphs. Water, calcium carbonate, equilibria, graphical method, treatments, software.

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