Blitzkrieg Rules with Q&, Rules, MB, , or in combination to supplement or replace Avalon Hill Blitzkrieg rules. Blitzkrieg published , by Avalon Hill Company. Blitzkrieg http://zho. ยท Blitzkrieg Rules – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Game rules for long out of print wargame Blitzkrieg by Avalon Hill (

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Just a avslon of setup in an xml and drawing new unit icons. When starting the game, choose the Blitzkrieg Cities setup, as this has pre-placed city counters. The high movement allowances will also slow the AI. My brother and I played this game for hours as kids! I really not good with these, i just like blitskrieg maps, and small stuff. In fact I would be more then happy to make two sets of icons.

Just because MAC uses that alt key for control does not make it right. Even more so after SPI came out with the mods for it. Some mods have workarounds, but they slow the game and are not understood by the AI.

The following modules are posted:. Rather than having a you would have 4 ‘s for example You also want to figure out if the combat system will translate well, TripleA has some flexibility but you can’t really change the core combat routine Correctly crazy, disingenuously German. It would also provide a base line for others to do a great many mods. I will reconstruct the coordinates and add them to all modules later.


Hope that makes rrules, cheers! Blitzkrieg publishedby Avalon Hill Company.

I am not trying to change the base code, nor have some mod removed. Battle for Germany is another classic hex and counter game, but it would need at least to be rescaled or ruled Russians would just walk through the German line in the East.

This map is unique, the game has nothing to do with WW2, but has that feeling in nature anyway. I will not go into anyway. Most of the maps are reskins with a few script changes, and those that are not are hand coded, one guy even used word or open office. Units can start off as small units and grow into larger units etc. Blitzkrieg in the Pacific.

A can break down into 4 units. Thank you I will give it a shot in the next 48 hours. Additionally, there is a rough readme file that gives a quick overview of the features of the module and a list of the hotkeys. Im not objecting, just offering some thoughts, making a good looking map takes a long time and I would hate to someone do it only to find out it doesn’t work very well.

I can post all the data, and would love to work with someone on this project. Blitzkrieg Module System Rules. Now to the topic. I suggest trying a smaller game than Blitzkrieg first blitzkreig see if you can resolve these issues. In reply to this post by RogerCooper RogerCooper wrote There are some inherent difficulties in converting a hex and counter wargame to TripleA.


For instance, on that battle of moscow map, my first thought is that the territories on the flanks are much less valuable than the center territories. Blitzkrieg has a stacking avlaon. But regardless, this could be a well balanced game for PC that offered two opponents a chance to squire off in an equal setting. I could learn i’m sure, its a very easy manual to use, thanks Kerensky on that one.


Like I said the only thing that I can think of that would have any effect on the program is the number of units, Types, size of the units and those things that suck up memory, and cpu use. This is partially because TripleA doesn’t do encircling very well, historically its a major part of warfare but in Rulex the encircled army will often blitzkrig in the better position.

TripleA has some support of stacking limits, but the AI does not really handle it. Perfect for use of the two German ones like in training.

Module:Blitzkrieg – VASSAL

I am Very good at G-2,3 and 4 but 4 is very boring to me. The Blitzkrieg Project is intended to be a compromise between the simplicity of the original module and the complexity of the Blitzkrieg Module System. At the same time look at working out how to make it more like the Board game. To really get something interesting going you will need some very unconventional combat, I think Correctly crazy, disingenuously German.