Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes. Alex Vilenkin, Author. Hill & Wang $24 (p) ISBN Many Worlds in One has ratings and 20 reviews. John said: I’m not sure who is the better scientist, but in terms of the prose required to address thi. RENOWNED cosmologist Alex Vilenkin, who is director of the Tufts University Institute of Cosmology in Massachusetts is known for his theory.

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This text was a valuable supplement to Greene because I don’t think any one suite of analogies can properly conceptualize this complicated stuff, and really, for laypeople, all we are really looking for ln some way to understand analogically.

Many publishers and authors have misused this situation to their advantage to market a product that is a more a science fiction than a scientific reality.

You said, for one: And not all forms of inflation are compatible with eternal-ness. Either, you work in the field, know all the math and physics behind it, then it’s useless to read this book. July 5, at 2: Books of the Week. It was at the time when Einstein had just developed his cosmological solution to the GR field i and had introduced his cosmological constant to keep his model universe static.

Thank you very much, Mark. The repulsive gravity of vacuum tension is more than sufficient to overcome the attractive pull of its mass. Further, if math is a product of the mind, does the mind somehow predate the creation of the universe?

Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I think this is pretty solid work! We cannot observe other big bangs, nor can we kne distant inflating regions. Select Tag Select Tag AAS Add new tag Astro astronaut astronaut fist bump astronauts rawk astronomers astronomy bacon baguette thwarts science Biden cancellation copernicus cowbell cows and lasers dark matter Etzioni farmer hoggett galaxies gomez’s hamburger gravitational lensing great american beer Griffin happy astronauts hey kids — get off my lawn!


Even mxny eternal inflation you can have a multiverse.

Vilenkin does an impressive job of presenting the background information necessary for lay readers to understand the ideas behind the big bang and related phenomena. Phillip rated it liked it Oct 29, Discover what to read next. Unlike many articles worlss the press full of hype about vipenkin dimensions, etc. Moreover, string theory does not favour any particular universe over another, which is not a good state of affairs as we clearly live in a universe with manj particular set of physical properties.

In many inflationary models, there is an argument that, due to fluctuations of the inflaton, there will always be regions of the space-time that are mamy inflation, even as there are other regions in which inflation ceases and, in a subset of these, universes with properties somewhat similar to ours begin.

The original Weinberg mechanism never really worked. Another criticism is that I would have liked to see a more detailed and complete discussion of the assumptions behind the conclusions Alex draws, and what needs to be done to put them on firmer ground or, in fact, refute them.

vilenkkin Also on the fly-leaf, the publisher writes, “With this book–his first for the general reader–Vilenkin joins another select group: I thought I was reading ancient Greek. Registration only takes a few minutes to complete.

I was a little surprised by this, since it seems to me to be merely a plain statement of what science really means. The we will have all the ingredients to develop a model of an eternally cilenkin universe with bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles… Once we have this model, the principle of mediocrity can be used to determine the probablility for us to live in one vacuum or other. Now, we all know the low multipole of the CMB is underpowered…people write tons of papers trying to come up with alternative theories to explain it.

The false vacuum, for instance, is a core concept, and Vilenkin just doesn’t seem to see that one could read this entire book, and its mzny of references to false vacuums false vacua? A breezy survey of the view vulenkin get from the top of a mountain called Cosmic Inflation Theory. July 4, at 5: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Even if one could do this, all evidence is that one would end up with broad statistical distributions for many of the parameters of the standard model, providing no useful prediction of what new experiments will see, or any insight into why these parameters have the values that they do.


The multiverse is just the set of all possible mathematical models.

Alex Vilenkin – Many Worlds in One – Cosmic Variance : Cosmic Variance

But definitely NOT his usual nickname for me! Whether or not all this holds true, as I mentioned briefly above, depends on the correctness of inflation, the ultimate nature of the inflaton, and details of the ultimate theory of quantum gravity. Return to Maany Page.

None Dare Call It Reason: When asked for a short phrase to describe his research area, he says he is a particle cosmologist. Nov 26, Qlex rated it liked it.

Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes by Alex Vilenkin

Lists with This Book. We philosophize on how we must construe the continuation of the cloth so that an equilibrium is reached in its tangential tension, whether it is fastened in position at the edges, extends infinitely, or has a finite size and is a closed unit.

Click here to have it e-mailed to you. There is no escape, they have to face the problem of a cosmic beginning. In the immortal words of Alyosha Zamolodchikov when asked what he thinks of strings as the final theory of everything. This is then used to argue for an anthropic understanding of, for example, the cosmological constant.

Einstein used the antigravity of the vacuum in the universe to balance the gravitational pull of matter to keep the universe static, and called this cosmological constant.

Until that happens, all assumptions are supposed to be subject to suspect review, given new physics, and regardless of popular opinion.